• Mark Rawson

Bamford Edge

So yesterday we (me and the wife) decided to have a walk near Ladybower Reservoir and Bamford Edge, Its fair to say the weather wasn't on our side, at the top of Bamford Edge the wind was brutal, and you could really feel the windchill on the side your face, but this wasn't going to stop me from trying to create a image. So we found as much shelter from a boulder on the cliffside as we possible could while I setup for my shot. My initial plan was a super long exposure as the light was flat, then convert to Black and White, but due to the battering from the wind, even with the camera set low on the tripod a long exposure wasn't going to be pin sharp.

After shielding the camera as much as possible I was able to take a slightly longer exposure to get some movement in the clouds and managed to capture a slight bit of light on the hillsides.

Barnsley, South Yorkshire

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