• Mark Rawson

Mam Tor Ridge Walk

This weekend in the UK has set some records with the weather, and so what better opportunity to get out into the Peak District with the camera without the risk of getting soaked while half way up a climb or after just setting up for a image.

I hadn't planned on capturing much as I didn't get up as early as planned, but was greeted by a patch of low lying cloud in the bottom of the valley once I'd climbed to the peak of Mam Tor, a great opportunity for some simple compositions. So I broke out the camera and captured the following two images, The second image I managed to grab just before the sun started to burn the cloud away (would have been great to have gotten to the location 10 minutes earlier). The 3rd image was captured with my Phone and is the "shot" most people capture from the ridge, it actually turned out better than I expected for a snap shot.

#peakdistrict #mamtor #castleton #cloudinverstion #landscapephotography

Barnsley, South Yorkshire

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